Sunday, February 1, 2015

We are as the Army of Helaman- Guest Post by Moore Light Shine

......we have been taught in our youth! We will be the world's missionaries, to bring the world His truth!

Isn't that a glorious message?

I want to talk a lot more about that, but let's back up just a little bit.
My name is Shelby and I blog over at Moore Light Shine (link:
I'm Mormon. I love my Savior with all my heart and the gospel has brought me infinite joy.
I love photography and graphic design.
I love music.
I think the youth program is pretty much the awesomest thing ever.

Back to the post...
We live in a super scary world. Satan has such a large influence. Sometimes it feels like we are suffocating in the darkness.
But we are surrounded by light.

If I was an artist (which I am most definitely not- stick figures anyone?) I would draw the picture in my head and upload it on here. Since I am more of a word artist (I guess that's what authors are?)  I'll just describe it. So visualize with me, ok?

I would draw a group of people, most of them would be teenagers. Girls and boys. The picture would be kind of dark and blurry. It would be at a school. Lots of kids would be laughing and talking. But in certain spots the picture would become clear and light around a person. Their neatly combed hair and cute outfit would be in focus and they would be holding up a torch, one that's very similar to the one on a young women's necklace. But more than their cute clothes or neat hair, kindness would radiate in their eyes. Their smile would burn bright and welcome all.

And then I would ask myself, am I one of the torch holders? Or am I the kid laughing at another in a corner?

You may be thinking: Ha! There are barely any Mormon kids where I live. We are alone! Nobody really cares!

I disagree. It may feel that way. I've felt that way before. Kids today don't care as much about kind and considerate. They care about funny. No matter kind or mean or inappropriate. But when you really look around. The light holders are everywhere. They are the kid who doesn't care about popularity and is open to new friends. The kid who always looks happy to see you. The kid who lets anyone sit with them and tries to make them feel welcome.

They are there. Just check Instagram. There are thousands of inspirational accounts run by youth for anyone to learn about the gospel. They inspire me daily. They fill me spiritually. If you click on a number of profiles you will see descriptions that say "I'm Mormon!",, or quotes from the prophets and apostles.

People are rising in these last days. We are the Army of Helaman.
Are you rising with them?
Are you ready to rise and join?
Are you willing to take upon you the name of The Savior?
Will you let your light shine?

I know with all surety of my heart that this church is true. I know my Savior lives and my Heavenly Father is real. I know they love me and care for me beyond comprehension. I know my Savior died for me and rose again. This added purpose to my life so I can live with him again and gain salvation. It gives me the love, peace, mercy, and forgiveness I so desperately need. I know each and every trial my Heavenly Father sends my way will help me grow and become more like him. I know that by coming unto Christ we can become more like him and receive unimaginable blessings. It is through only him that we can find the joy , hope, peace, comfort, and love we all seek.
I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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